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Once the produce has met it's optimum ripeness, the fruits and vegetables are harvested and prepared for distribution across the United Arab Emirates and across the world. Mirak utilises several technologies to ensure that all our produce arrives fresh and ripe within 24 hours of harvest. 


Vacuum cooling is a rapid cooling technology that not only strongly improves the quality of the product, but also increases shelf life and reduces conventional cooling costs. Vacuum cooling is predominantly used for leafy vegetables with a high water content. 


Blast cooling is a process that involves pushing cold air at a high velocity across a food product in order to reduce the core temperature of the product. Once the product's core temperature has slowed down, it stops the ripening process and therefore is able to be transported with out any detriment to the product.


Hydro cooling is the process of reducing a product's core temperature by immersing it directly in icy cold water. This process of reduction slows the ripening process and enhances the shelf life of the item.

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