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Mirak has over 85 hectares of controlled-environment greenhouses - including glass, polycarbonate and plastic greenhouses. These greenhouses allow us to create optimised weather conditions which allow seeds to develop in the environment that suits them best.


Weather conditions are carefully monitored to ensure the fastest and healthiest plant growth all year round.


Mirak has developed a unique aquaponic system where plants grow directly into mineral rich water without the need for soil. Plants grow quickly and can be placed closer together because root systems do not need to support the full weight of the plant. Aquaponics also reduces water consumption as the water is recycled through the plants.


Mirak also implements three types of Hydro-Ponic systems in our farms including Vertical Growing System, a Channels System and the Bench Pot Growing System (developed exclusively by Mirak through research and experience in growing in the difficult environmental conditions of the UAE). These three systems allow efficient and cost effective production of many vegetables with increased yields and quality. 


State of the art Germination Rooms provide a controlled environment with temperatures, humidity and lighting that contradict the UAE's natural conditions. These conditions mean that production can be started months earlier that the typical environment would allow. 


Mirak uses specially designed and manufactured seedling trays, that not only benefit the growing capabilities of the seedlings, but also help reduce costs of production - and therefore the overall retail cost of the product.


The production season in the UAE is normally from December through May, although we have been able to extend production to an earlier start and later finish than these periods by utilising the unique facilities we have established in the farm. We have also been able to extend our seasons of items for the full year through our international farms keeping our supply to our customers stable throughout the year.

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